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Greeting of Patron

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear sports friends,
Special days await you in Koblenz: From June 6 to 10, 2017 the city by the Deutsches Eck ('German Corner’) will be the stage for the 15th IVV Olympiad. I´m very pleased to welcome thousands of guests from all over the world to the Rhineland-Palatinate. I send my cordial regards to all sports enthusiasts from near and far. 

The Olympiad offers a suitable challenge to every participant through cycling, walking, swimming as well as geocaching, inline skating and marathons through the beautiful Moselle and Lahn valleys.  Based on the motto „Moving-Experiencing-Celebrating“, not only the competition and sport records are at the forefront, but also the being together and the opportunity for cross-cultural exchanges. You can experience the Rhineland-Palatinate's hospitality closely, for example, when participating in the wine adventure walk or the world heritage walk along the Loreley. 

It is a pleasure for me to see so many people meeting in the Rhineland-Palatinate to share their enthusiasm and passion for Volkssport. I can only congratulate the organizers for their choice of venue: Koblenz is a beautiful destination with people full of cordiality who will make this event a unique experience for all participants. 

I send my best wishes to all participants in the Olympiad!

Malu Dreyer
Prime Minister of the Rhineland-Palatinate

Greeting of Lord Mayor of Koblenz

I cordially welcome all participants to the 15th Volkssport Olympiad in Koblenz! 
As Lord Mayor of Koblenz I´m very pleased to host this high-level event with more than 4,000 participants from all over the world in our city in June 2017.  
Sport has developed over the previous 50 years from a „nice minor matter“ into an essential part of our lifestyle. More than 42,000 inhabitants of our city by Rhine and Moselle belong to one of about 150 Koblenz sports clubs. 

We are proud in Koblenz that in no comparable German city is the level of organizations any higher. In addition, there are many inhabitants of Koblenz who also spend their leisure time involved hobbies such as walking, swimming and cycling without belonging to a club. This great dedication is a good example that sports shape our life at all stages of life. Sport is indispensable, keeping us fit and giving team spirit to our society.

The organizers of the Volkssport club „Schnelle Füße“ Koblenz e.V. have made a good choice with our city as host, as Koblenz is indeed worth a visit.  

Dear Volkssport friends, I´m convinced that you will have the time and opportunity to experience Koblenz besides your sports activities and be fascinated by our beautiful city here by Rhine and Moselle.  

Kindest regards


Joachim Hofmann-Göttig

Greeting of IVV-President

Ladies and gentlemen,

After 26 years, the IVV Olympiad will again be hosted in Germany, the country which co-founded the International Federation of Popular Sports.

Koblenz is a lively, beautiful, rich in history, culture and tradition, friendly place, able to combine the historical and modern atmosphere. No better choice could have been made!

Choosing to bring the IVV Olympiad back to the heart of Europe, the German Volkssportverband offers once more an innovative and dynamic sports event for non-competitive and popular sports, focused on the enhancement of the person: heart, body and mind.

The IVV Olympiad is the model for physical, communicative and social activity which best represents our international sports movement. In the same spirit we will duly celebrate the 50th anniversary of the IVV foundation in western Sicily - Selinunte and Mazara del Vallo in 2018 together with the IVV Europiad.

I recently visited Koblenz with all IVV Executive Presidium members and was pleased by the already ongoing preparations, the high professionalism and the enthusiasm about hosting this event. I am certain this is going to be a great IVV Olympiad and I strongly believe there will be positive memories for everyone participating from around the world!

My personal gratitude to the German Volkssportverband and the Volkssport club “Schnelle Füße” Koblenz e.V. for their efforts.

Senna Comasco, Italy, in February 2016

Giuseppe Colantonio
IVV President

Greeting of the DVV-President

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Walking friends,

“Only where you have been by foot, you have really been” once said the great German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He knew what he was talking about. Germany is beautiful.

One example is the venue of the 15th IVV Olympiad. Koblenz – a city older than 2,000 years – shines at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers with the “Deutsches Eck” and the equestrian statue of the German Emperor Wilhelm I, the Kurfürstlicher Palace, mile-long boardwalks, the Stolzenfels castle and, above it all, the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. The spectacular cablecar over the Rhine, the Wine Village, the Forum Confluentes and a lot more…Some of these sights belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will find them during your walks.

After Schömberg in 1991 the IVV Olympiad takes place for the second time in Germany. The Deutsche Volkssportverband e.V. and its club “Schnelle Füße” Koblenz e.V. will do their utmost to offer you unforgettable walking adventures and create an attractive frame program.

Come and experience it, walking knows no limit.  I´m looking forward to welcoming you all in Koblenz during this great international walking festival.

Uwe Kneibert,
President Deutscher Volkssportverband e.V.

Greeting of Organizer

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Children and Teenagers,

I would like to invite you to the 15 th IVV Olympiad in Koblenz from June 6 – 10, 2017. The Volkssport Club “Schnelle Füße” Koblenz Deutsches Eck e.V. offers a diverse and sportive choice of walking, cycling, swimming and inline skating with different distances. Geocaching, wine adventure walks, guided walks, leisure and outdoor fair, two marathons and an ambitious 60 km world heritage march complement the program. Fun, enthusiasm, nature and sociality – choose your sports well-being program.

Whether young or young at heart, within a group, family or by yourself, at the 15th IVV Olympiad you are cordially welcome and meet people from all over the world who become friends. Health challenged persons are also cordially welcome. Be our guest. Get to know Koblenz by Rhine and Moselle and its surroundings.

Helmut Weber
Chairman of Volkssport Club „Schnelle Füße“ Koblenz, Deutsches Eck e.V.



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Joachim Hofmann-Göttig




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Helmut Weber



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